A few of the fun places the band has had a chance to travel to recently:



Groove Merchants are different from other Utah party bands


1- Experience!  The     band's members are all career musicians that have played thousands of events.  They consist of local recognizable celebrity entertainers and some of the best musicians found anywhere.  The Groove Merchants are versatile and can simply entertain and work the crowd at their discretion, or, for large coordinated corporate events, can follow a show schedule and take detailed direction flawlessly.  Check out

the band members bios.


2. High Energy! The Groove Merchants put on a show unmatched by any other band.  Spot on vocals and harmonies, audience involvement, choreographed dancing and a live horn section will leave your guests remembering your event as the best party they have ever been to.

3- Song Pacing! While other bands lose the audience's attention with long pauses in-between songs, the Groove Merchants move seamlessly between tunes and keep your guests out on the dance floor all nightA tremendous amount of preparation is put into the Groove Merchant's show so that it is flawlessly executed.


Groove Merchants in Monte Carlo interacting with guests on-stage4- Audience involvement! Not only do they play a great show, they can be as audience engaging as you like.  For clients who are looking for it, they can put on a show that incorporates live band karaoke (see #8 below), limbo contests, celebrity impersonations, band costume changes, line dance instruction, and more.  Clients that don't want that will simply get great dance music all night.


5- Current hits -  In addition to the classics, the Groove Merchants always have the latest Top 40s hits in their repertoire.


6 - Appearance - The Groove Merchants dress to the nine for every event they do.  For upscale events they wear matching tuxedos of a varitey of colors and styles to match the event, vests and ties with a matching dresses.  If your event is casual or theme based, they can dress down but will always look good!  You won't find a better looking band anywhere!

7 - Professionalism - The Groove Merchants display the kind of professionalism learned from years of event entertainment experience.  The band will follow a timeline, keep the volume at an appropriate level, get people dancing, keep a clean looking stage and is fun and easy to work with.



8 - Additional Services - Does your event need a professional MC or music DJ'd during the band breaks? No problem.  Their front man is the best in the business.  Do you need soft music played during dinner or cocktail hour?  They can croon the crowd with soft music that doesn't get in the way of your conversations - always on their game and always attentive to volume and the right style of music for the age and demographic of the crowd.

9 - Live Band Karaoke - For interested clients, the Groove Merchants doubles as a live karaoke band.  In this capacity, your guests can come up on stage and sing with a live band!  The band brings a video monitor with scrolling lyrics that are highlighted while your guests sing.  The band sings backup harmonies and can take care of every aspect of the evening from providing song lists to getting people signed up on a sign up sheet and calling them onstage.  The band is extremely entertaining and audience engaging.