A few of the fun places the band has had a chance to travel to recently:



Band Size Options

The Groove Merchants offer 3 different band sizes to match each persons particular budget and taste:


The Groove Merchants Deluxe band

For large events that are looking to get the biggest and best show at their event, you may consiter the Deluxe version of the band.  5 front singers (yes 5), a horn section, on stage DJ and backing band instruments and back up vocals.  The vocal power and energy in this version of the band is off the charts.  Like nothing out there on the market.  This size is popular with large conventions and corporate events.


The Groove Merchants Full Band (10 piece)

This is the most common formation of the band.  3 front singers, a horn section and backing band instruments.



The Groove Merchants Reduced Band (8 piece)

For clients who need the band to fit a tighter space, this version of the band comes with one horn (a saxophone player) as opposed to the entire horn section.