A few of the fun places the band has had a chance to travel to recently:



Band Costume Options

The Groove Merchants come to your event in style based on your event.  You won't find a better looking or better dressed band no matter how formal.  Check out our different styles and looks:

Look 1 - Formal:

For our formal look, we dress in matching tuxedos, vests, ties and a matching dress.  We want to add to the classy look of your formal event, not distract from it.  While other bands may show up in mismatched suits, our tuxes are high quality, slimming and fitted to each performer.  We don't mess around when it comes to your event.



Semi Formal Look:

For events that aren't quite so formal, the Groove Merchants still keep a uniform, sexy look.  Coordinated ties and vests or black suit coats and matching white ties are a signature GM look.  We may dress down, but we never dress down if you know what I mean.




Casual Look:

If you want your guests to let their hair down, the Groove Merchants rock a "casual but cool" look.  The band's on stage costumes keep up with current styles and trends and add energy to your party.